Reducing Lamb Deaths

At this stage some people will have all but finished lambing, some will be part or most of the way through and others will only be getting prepared. Whatever your stage in the lambing season, preventing new born lamb losses is a key focus area for each and every system [...]

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Botulism in sheep

Botulism has gained more notoriety in the press over the last few years, especially in areas where herds of cattle have suffered big losses and get into the local news. We see it less commonly in sheep but they are at serious risk from exactly the same disease. A recent [...]

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Want to save your flock’s feet and your hands?

Reducing Lameness in Sheep Foot lameness in sheep is one of the biggest problems in many flocks and is a big morale sapper for anyone looking after sheep. Footrot is a major cause of lameness in sheep flocks today and although vets have been adjusting their advice and recommendations about [...]

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