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//Calf Health Course – Eccleshall


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This calf health course covers all the essentials of great calf health management including the main disease risks, simple solutions to maximise housing effectiveness and feeding for a great start. The course content underpins the importance of maintaining and maximising calf health as an important foundation to beef and dairy cow performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the risks for weak calf syndrome and learn how to prevent, recognise and treat this condition.
  • Learn the reasons behind best practice in colostrum management.
  • Explore the nutritional requirements of the pre-weaned calf, covering strategies for different feeding scenarios.
  • Gain knowledge of feeding physiology and use this to plan treatment and prevention strategies for pre-weaning diarrhoea.
  • Learn how to evaluate housing risk factors for pneumonia and use this knowledge to devise strategies for reducing risk.
  • Evaluate different methods of performance monitoring to allow assessment of calf-management success.