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Case of the month – Lungworm

Tom Downes gives us our case of the month - Lungworm. I was called to examine a down, dehydrated February-born dairy heifer that had gone downhill rapidly over two days. The rest of the group seemed bright and well. When I examined her she had a slightly increased heart [...]

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Hold on to your hats…we’re starting up in Derbyshire!

We’re very excited to share the news with you that we are shortly going to be opening a practice in Derbyshire. As a practice, we are always on the look out for new opportunities that will help bring progression to the livestock industry. This has brought about the development [...]

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Grass Staggers – Farmers Guardian June 2018

Be alert for staggers after rapid onset of spring grass Claire Whittle featured in the 22nd June Farmers Guardian Vet Viewpoint. She speaks to the publication about grass staggers following extreme grass growth and warm weather - some tips to reduce any incidences. To read the full article please [...]

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Hot, Hot Heat!

Heat Stress - Hot, Hot Heat! No, it’s not an article about the Canadian indie band from ‘the noughties’! It’s the main stress our livestock are contending with currently, and it's very obvious we need to be aware of heat stress. Rob Hall has seen the impact of extreme [...]

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Kiwi Fertility

Whilst the Kiwi style of farming is often referred to as “rough and ready” or “low input- low output”, I was really struck by the level of investment farmers were prepared to make when the cost benefit or “payback” of an investment was apparent. With tough targets to meet [...]

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Six facts you need to know about selective dry cow therapy

By only using antibiotic treatments on the cows that really need it at drying off, you can save money by instantly reducing your farm's use of antibiotics, without increasing your risk of disease. Gwen Rees and Elanco give us six things about selective dry cow therapy that you need to [...]

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