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Do you know what your nutrition gap is?

Despite a challenging early grass season, the growth returned and ewes are generally in good, if not over fat condition. What has been hit are scanning rates and forage reserves for the winter. Dan Stevenson explains. Most people seem happy with fewer triplets and quads this year, particularly with potentially [...]

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Clipping Cattle for Housing

Backing up what Amy discussed earlier, Rach Cooper gives us an insight into the benefits of clipping cattle for housing and how the VetTechs can help. We all know that British winters can be unusually warm and unpredictable making a lot of housed cattle uncomfortable. Here we discuss the benefits [...]

Pediculosis – Get That Itch!

Now we are entering the depths of winter, most herds have brought their cattle in, and with this comes the risk of lice infestation, also known as ‘Pediculosis’. Lice populations exist in low numbers amongst healthy cattle but certain risk factors can allow the population to increase rapidly. This includes [...]

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Frustrating Fluke

We’re into the problem period for Fluke in sheep - late Autumn to Winter, and due to its financial implications including body condition deterioration and death, it’s a disease most sheep producers are tuned in to. However, it’s now commonly suspected that resistance is building against the most effective treatment. [...]

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Mycobacterium Avium Paratuberculosis – Johne’s

...also known as MAP, the bacteria which causes Johne’s Disease. This small bacterium was first described in the late 19th century. Initially it was believed cattle were the sole hosts but we now know MAP infects a range of other species including sheep and goats. Many of you will be [...]

TB Advisory Service

A new service, which is free to farmers, has come to LLM. Joe Wheeler from our VetTech team dishes out the info on this funded service.The TB advisory service (TBAS) have trained some of the LLM team - Natalie Parker and myself from the VetTechs and Andrew Henderson from our [...]

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