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Mycoplasma In Calves

You may have heard the term Mycoplasma associated with multiple different problems in both adult cattle and calves. Although it is not a ‘new’ problem, it is a complicated bug and we are still learning exactly how and when it causes disease. Sarah gives us more information... Mycoplasmas are a [...]

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Disease Prevention at Housing

Autumn housing is a stressful time of year for dairy cows (as it can be for all livestock), and can lead to an increased incidence of disease and resulting loss of production. Tom Jackson gives us an overview of things to watch out for... Things such as change in [...]

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Cattle Health Schemes

With herd health increasingly becoming a consumer-led issue and more public awareness of farming methods there is mounting pressure to reduce antibiotic use and improve the health and welfare of livestock. Improved methods of disease control are becoming more important and increasingly farmers only want to buy cattle from [...]

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Ram Fertility

Andrew Henderson talks us through the first meeting of the Peaks Beef & Sheep Discussion Group at LLM Bakewell on the 11th September. It was great to get our first on farm meeting as LLM Derbyshire underway. The meeting was held at my farm, where I provided four rams [...]

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Ovine Pulmanory Adenocarcinoma (OPA)

This heavily under-reported disease is caused by the Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus (JSRV). The virus is highly contagious, spreading by the aerosol route from sheep to sheep but also through the colostrum and milk to lambs. Rob Howe tells us more. The virus causes tumours which obliterate the normal lung [...]

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