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Autumn Pasture Management

It doesn’t need saying that this year has presented a real challenge for herds that graze their cattle with the May-July period being both the hottest and driest on record. Katie Fitzgerald from our new Derbyshire practice, takes us through the stats and Autumn pasture management tips... Grass growth [...]

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Kiwi Yarns – Minerals

In the final installment of Kiwi yarns (did Hannah really go to New Zealand I hear you ask?!) I’ll be talking all things minerals. Despite working predominantly with dairy cattle over in NZ, these principles apply to dairy cows, beef and sheep alike! Given our recent tropical climate mineral supplementation [...]

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Weather Worries – diseases to look out for

It’s fair to say that the recent drought has dried out a lot of our pastures. While we are all hoping for some well needed rain, it is important to consider some of the knock on effects and diseases we may see. Jess Clayton tells us more... [...]

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Fertility Control in Sheep

CIDR OVIS is a new product on the market aimed at fertility control in sheep. Roland Millar talks us through the benefits... Synchronising ewes for a tighter lambing period or to allow sheep to lamb early in the season can have many benefits. A short lambing period will reduce [...]

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Case of the month – Lungworm

Tom Downes gives us our case of the month - Lungworm. I was called to examine a down, dehydrated February-born dairy heifer that had gone downhill rapidly over two days. The rest of the group seemed bright and well. When I examined her she had a slightly increased heart [...]

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Hold on to your hats…we’re starting up in Derbyshire!

We’re very excited to share the news with you that we are shortly going to be opening a practice in Derbyshire. As a practice, we are always on the look out for new opportunities that will help bring progression to the livestock industry. This has brought about the development [...]

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