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Clostridial Vaccination in Lambs

With lambing now over for most people, though perhaps not yet the distant memory everyone would like, our attention should turn to making the most of the lambs you have on the ground. Minimising losses is a crucial part of this and to this end money is better spent [...]

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A natural approach to fly control using fly parasites

For a few years now we have been distributing fly parasites to our clients as a new approach to fly control that aims to reduce reliance on chemical solutions and ultimately reduce the on farm fly population. We have seen some fantastic results over the years on farm and [...]

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Reducing Lamb Deaths

At this stage some people will have all but finished lambing, some will be part or most of the way through and others will only be getting prepared. Whatever your stage in the lambing season, preventing new born lamb losses is a key focus area for each and every [...]

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