Why fertility is the answer to productivity

With the various challenges the industry has been facing in recent years everyone has been looking at efficiency and cost cutting in all aspects of their farm businesses. Ian Cure discusses some real on farm successes where the focus has been on fertility as the driver for efficiency and ultimately [...]

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Pediculosis – Get That Itch!

Now we are entering the depths of winter, most herds have brought their cattle in, and with this comes the risk of lice infestation, also known as ‘Pediculosis’. Lice populations exist in low numbers amongst healthy cattle but certain risk factors can allow the population to increase rapidly. This includes [...]

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How does the TB test actually work?

The TB tests we use in cattle are extremely poorly understood and/or explained and are often bemoaned as being responsible for the problem of TB persisting and spreading through our countryside. We thought a review of the tests would be a useful thing for our clients. As many of [...]

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