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Grazing Discussion Group

We are planning to hold the first Grazing Discussion group meeting on Monday 12th November. At this meeting we will review pregnancy test results and look at fertility interventions as well as discuss dry cow considerations including selective dry cow therapy. If you are interested in joining the group, please [...]

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Autumn Pasture Management

It doesn’t need saying that this year has presented a real challenge for herds that graze their cattle with the May-July period being both the hottest and driest on record. Katie Fitzgerald from our new Derbyshire practice, takes us through the stats and Autumn pasture management tips... Grass growth [...]

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“Grass to Cash” Discussion Group

Maximising cost effective milk production at grass What are the aims of the group? Ideally this working group will enable knowledge transfer between farmers and vets alike, focusing on maximising the cost effectiveness of block calving herds and grass based milk production. The group will provide regular benchmarking of performance [...]

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